Adele Goldberg

Don't ask whether you can do something, ask how to do it.

AdeleGoldberg plays a crucial role in the development of the SmalltalkLanguage. She is one of the coauthors of the BlueBook (later, the PurpleBook), also known as SmalltalkTheLanguageAndItsImplementation. Perhaps most importantly, she is one of the core group that developed Smalltalk from a research prototype to the functioning production system we know today.

She seems to be one of the people most responsible for the idioms of SmalltalkLanguage. She's known as a facilitator and collaborator, someone whose greatest contributions are intangible in that they are credited to the team rather than to an individual.

Among her accomplishments are a stint as president of the ACM, and being president and chairman of ParcPlaceDigitalk. She is currently working on a knowledge and project management toolset for NeometronInc? (

Not to be confused with Adele E. Goldberg the student of linguistics.

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