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Found to be useful in other things than creating pdf from scratch ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20110622
Most of us have used the AdobeAcrobatReader to read pdf files. but when purchasing the Adobe Web Premium Cs4 as a student taking a Photoshop course to learn how to edit and enhance Digital Photos, it was noticed that by buying this package, while much more expensive than simply buying Photoshop, it included several other programs which could make for a more capable use of the Web.

The list:
While using the package for a couple of the programs, namely Photoshop and Dreamweaver, attention to the other programs was not paid until one day when using the right click of the mouse button while viewing a web page, one of the choices was convert to Adobe Pdf

Curiosity cause me to click that option. Web experiences have been greatly enhanced by that and Convert Link Target to Pdf and also Append to Pdf from a link in a pdf page. Both can be found useful when you want to group related information and links into a PortableDocument (.pdf), dealing with a particular topic, listing of a group of pages, or external links.
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