Adobe Acrobat Reader

An application for reading PortableDocumentFormat files. Despite what Adobe might want you to think (and encourage by getting websites to display AdobeAcrobatReader download icons anywhere PDF files are available for download), it's not the only PDF viewing app.

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In what ways is the AdobeAcrobatReader UserInterface considered awkward?

Mmm. The Acrobat Reader I know has only a "Find" icon and menu option. It also doesn't seem sluggish at all. Of course, I have only used it for smaller documents such as my 151 page thesis and some >1000pages software manuals...

Version? Acrobat 5.1 has both (and also keeps referring to Acrobat 5.0).

Find is used to locate a word within a single Acrobat document; Search is used to perform a boolean search within an Index (see Building an Index below) of collected Acrobat documents.
As of version 7 or something, there now exist editable PDF forms. And of course, what Adobe invents, people will slavishly follow, so these forms are starting to crop up on websites when there exists the need for a form for you to print out, fill out and mail off somewhere. (What was wrong with plain old HTML? Nothing.)

But of course, this is a version 7 thing. So I had to upgrade the AdobeAcrobatReader on my WindowsNinetyEight box, because I only had version 5 installed. And can I? No. Adobe won't let Win98 users go past v6. So unless I upgrade my entire operating system, I can't use forms on some websites. How hateful.
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