Agile Tools For Dot Net

This topic is about Agile tools for the .Net platform. On the J2EE platform we have tools like Ant, Maven, CruiseControl, etc. What are the equivalent on the .Net platform?

-- VincentMassol, 17 April 2003

There are .net clones appearing all over the place. In many cases, these tools go through a two-phase process of being ported (line for line) straight from the java equivalent, and then rewritten to be more .netty. NUnit is a good example of this. The first was a direct port of JUnit, but the second version made much better use of .net features (improved reflection, attribute usage, etc, etc).

Here is a partial list: Small presentation :

Other useful tools: And for development: The .NET tools market is still pretty young, although growing quickly.

-- JoeWalnes

Would it be appropriate to rename this page DotNetTools?? Several of the tools listed are not specifically related to "agile" development. -- KrisJohnson

This is interesting. There are stories around of Java refugees receiving asylum in .NET land and finding the transition from Eclipse, IntelliJ, (even JBuilder) to VisualStudio pretty painful.

Visual Studio needs a top-notch integrated refactoring tool for C#, at the very least, to compete with the best Java IDEs.

Has anyone tried C# Refactory by Xtreme Simplicity It appears to be a nice tool that integrates with Visual Studio. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the Java tools to do a useful comparison.

It is listed in the "And for Development" links above.

-- AlGonzalez?

I bought a copy and rather like it...its suite of refactorings is limited to the most common dozen or so, but it seems to do what it does pretty well. The only real complaint I have so far is that I haven't found a way to apply EncapsulateField to more than one field at a time. Still and all, I find it well worth the $99 I spent on it. -- TamaraCravit

I found C# Refactory while it was still in Alpha, used it anyway and reported bugs I found. When it went release I got a free copy, use it every day. I can't imagine my IDE without it now. Definitely worth purchasing though. RamonLeon

AgileToolsForDotNet QuickQuestions

Q Tools are used to support methodologies. In the case of DotNet, has anyone seen a good methodology to develop enterprise class software for DotNet? All I have seen in Microsoft sites is heaps of patterns, which read to me like you can "tailor DotNet" to whatever you like. Hardly a way to foster confidence that there is a rigorous methodology for project managing a DotNet development. Having said this, I suppose most companies are still "evolving" their underlying infrastructure and are therefore at a bit too early a stage to talk about a development methodology. PleaseComment

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I'll admit that I'm not a fan of `enterprisey` solutions, but from my experience, agile methodologies (and by this I really mean ExtremeProgramming) work well with the .NET platform. Are you saying you want to know whether there's another layer of `best-practices` out there?

Another good disassembler and code browser (of sorts):

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