Alastair Bridgewater

Found computers in 1986 (or thereabouts), never looked back. Is the sort of person who, when he comes up with a name or description that he likes, will save it until he finds or makes something he can use it on.



Responding to your question on TestingByPokingAround... If you want to "play around" with the SmalltalkLanguage, you could try SqueakSmalltalk.

True, but I'd much rather "play around" with the VirtualMachine. And since Squeak already has a working one, that's nowhere near as much fun.

Alastair, regarding your question in CeeUnitTesting, how would I contact you to provide any information?

My email address is currently
Hello Alastair, I only just realized you were you, if you see what I mean: It seems out paths have crossed before! Though I only noticed it when having a look at your own wiki after looking at your NetBsd booters and putting two and two together...

-- MatthewTheobalds

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