Alcohol Fueled Development

AntiPattern Name: AlcoholFueledDevelopment

Type: Organisational

Problem: Development team loses focus on primary goals due to volume of alcohol consumed during regular team meetings, lunches, evening events, social meetings etc.

Context: Forces: Supposed Solution: Development team adopt a lifestyle of drinking heavily, anti-social behaviour, fighting. This results in an invincibility delusion. Development pace increases, but abuse and violence directed at competitors' development teams results, eventually in wholescale rioting. Law enforcement authorities are ultimately required to intervene.

Resulting Context: Design Rationale: ...

Related AntiPatterns: ...

Applicable Positive Patterns: DevelopmentTeamLoveIn?, HolisticDevelopmentThroughYoga?.

AntiPatternCategory: OrganisationalAntiPattern?

Also Known As: TeamBeerFrenzy?, FlamingSambucaFrenzy?

The informal motto of a previous employer (complete with beer fridge): "We're a drinking company with a software problem!"

Seems to be a common symptom of a DotCom company.

From the XpMailingList, many winters ago:

UncleBob: I cannot program with any amount of ethanol in me...


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