Alex Martelli

Opinionated, particularly on subjects I love (bridge, software design, William Blake, history, the Mac, economics, ...), rather competent, often helpful, often given to flaming. I don't blog, but searching Google Groups for the tens of thousands of usenet posts I've made over the years will give an accurate picture of me (in particular, it will be accurately complex and contradictory), but you may also want to see my homepage at and do a more general web search for a larger picture. I'm married to AnnaRavenscroft -- see for the readings we used at our marriage.

Current interests include PythonLanguage, PyPy, ExtremeProgramming, AgileProgramming, OpenBsd, Linux, MacOSX, several bridge issues (Kaplan-Sheinwold, Moscito, card play technique, statistical and combinatorial analysis of bridge-related issues, ...), a few historical ones (late Roman Republic most of all), some international politics issues (care to bet how low the US$ will go?), and more. My jobs in the last few years (as a consultant, teacher, mentor, developer, author of books &c, ... and since early 2005 as Uber Tech Lead at Google) are mostly about PythonLanguage and related issues, including books such as "Python Cookbook" and "Python in a Nutshell", and many public presentations some of which can be found by a Google Video search.

Feel free to write me at!
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