Alice Bot

Certainly the most active OpenSource JavaLanguage ChatBot.


Not just JavaLanguage. There are multiple implementations. I've used/modified the Perl version extensively, for instance.

There's also a Lisp version.

They're all based on the AIML knowledge representation language, which is XML based.

The AliceBot developers have released a bunch of code under the GNU Lesser GPL ( ).

"The CallMom is now available free in the Android Market, with limited learning features. A premium upgrade is underway which will make the learned knowledge persistent."

That doesn't meet my requirements for Open Source. What a scam.


So what are your requirements for OpenSource? Which requirement in particular do you think is not being met?

Do you realize there is a difference between OpenSource vs. FreeAsInGratis? If not, you may be surprised at what the FSF says about Selling Free Software ( ).


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