Almost Extreme Programming

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"Wow! That ExtremeProgramming stuff is neat! We almost do it, too!" I hear this cry remarkably often. I have developed the following little joke description of one of my projects to warn people about what they are saying...

"Extreme Programming (a la ChryslerComprehensiveCompensation project) requires 4 things: As a reward for doing those, Now on this project, we're pretty close... but at least we don't have any design documentation, and we don't comment our code much! So in a sense, you're right, we're almost doing ExtremeProgramming!"

Heh. Where was I reading this the other day? Maybe ConsciousnessExplained?, by DanielDennett? Or was it in KentsBook? Anyway, the idea was that almost means the same thing as not. That when a vendor claims his tool is almost anything, you should interpret it as the exact opposite.

The author goes on to explain that he would rather be almost dead than almost alive, that any businessman in the world would rather be almost bankrupt rather than almost solvent. <g> -- BillBarnett

As in software that is AlmostCorrect...

You can find a similar concept in GeraldWeinberg 's work: LullabyLanguage. -- AlexChaffee

From AlmostConsideredHarmful: "'Almost' is a technical term meaning 'not'."

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