America Online

The worlds single largest OnlineInformationServices. They also own the worlds dominant MP3 player (WinAmp), and TimeWarner?, making them the largest media company in the world. God save us.

By the way, this is where AldousHuxley was talking about when he wrote BraveNewWorld.
My mother uses AOL. She also maintains a second ISP account just so that she can connect to AOL because when she dials straight to AOL they used to disconnect her after 5 to 10 minutes online.

Ever since I worked for AOL some years ago I have been using them as my ISP. And I have yet to have a problem with them. I have always wondered if the rate of issues people have with AOL is really higher than the rate that people have with other ISPs. I recall my mother, who is also on AOL, used to complain that they cut her off all the time. So then we got her a new modem, and suddenly she never had problems with AOL anymore.

While AOL has been good to me recently, I do have one story about them:

When I worked for AOL (In the Games Channel as a product manager) I was sent to GenCon? to work in our booth. I had a great flight out, and had good seats. (Although not VeryGoodSeats.) I think it was Midwest, with all big chairs and real food on real plates. I got there along with a small mass of co-workers, checked into a good hotel near the convention center, and we got food and hung out. Someone tried to get their mail but had trouble getting online, but we didn't really worry about it as getting online from hotels was sometimes tricky. When I got back after dinner I got online and did stuff, then went to bed.

The next morning, on my way to go spend hours talking to the unwashed masses in our booth, I opened my door, looked down at the free USA Today, and saw a banner headline saying: "AOL OFFLINE FOR 16 HOURS"

Not the best day I have spent as a booth monkey.....

-- KenMegill

See if you are feeling masochistic.

Talk about a Monopoly?

We can't. They bought the trademark on that term.

See: AmericaOnLinux

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