Andreas Axelsson

Currently working as a programmer for the games development company I co-founded in 1992.

I've been programming since I got my first computer, an ABC80, in 1983. I have worked with BasicLanguage (on too many platforms to list), CeeLanguage, CeePlusPlus, AdaLanguage, PascalLanguage, AutoLisp, VbScript, JavaScript, JavaLanguage and AssemblyLanguage (6502, Z80, 680xx, x86, MIPS), and some I've probably forgotten.

ExtremeProgramming caught my interest about a year ago and I've studied it a lot since, but I've never had the chance to try it out on a real project.

I'm keen on testing ExtremeProgrammingForGames, although I have not contributed much to the topic yet. Some comments on HighPerformanceWithGoodDesign and NoBugDatabase is all so far.

I find programming ComputerGames to be centered around the CeeLanguage and CeePlusPlus, basically because most game platforms more or less require you to work with a DevelopmentEnvironment? supplied by the HardwareVendor?. MicrosoftXbox? uses VisualStudio and GameCube?, PlayStation and PlayStationTwo? uses home-brewed versions of the GnuTools. They all supply pre-compiled libraries for these DevelopmentEnvironment?s and no other. For MicrosoftWindows there is of course a much broader support for various languages, and as long as you can get decent performance and you're able to link with MicrosoftDirectEx? you should be able to choose more freely.

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