Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt is a PragmaticProgrammer who enjoys trying to unravel the mysteries of writing good software.

DavidThomas and I wrote the book ThePragmaticProgrammer ISBN 0-201-61622-X , which contains some of the development patterns that we have found useful over the years. We've put some of these here on the Wiki (see PragmaticProgrammer for an index).

Current pet projects: adding DesignByContract to RubyLanguage to produce a quick and easy design prototyping tool.
Kudos on your two excellent books with DavidThomas! -- RobHarwood
See his latest, well received title: PracticesOfAnAgileDeveloper : Working in the Real World

We've been real busy here at the Pragmatic Bookshelf getting new titles out the door, but I'm pleased to see the most recent book I co-authored, PracticesOfAnAgileDeveloper, is getting great reviews around the web, including a 9-horseshoe (out of 10) rating at Java Ranch.

It's especially great to see that programmers are enthusiastic about something other than the latest, greatest API or IDE. Languages and frameworks come and go, but your habits--your practices--stay with you for your whole career.

I hope to announce my next book this summer: it's about the DreyfusModel, fine-tuning your thinking, and managing your ideas and insights. Stay tuned here for details, or check our my blog at for my upcoming appearances, forthcoming books, and the occasional rant.

thanks! /\ndy

Extracted from reviews at Amazon, I'm sure Andy won't mind -- DonaldNoyes

Andrew has now written PragmaticThinkingAndLearning which is the book referred to above.

See also the PragmaticBookshelf.
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