Andrew Kris Thompson

Andrew Thompson lives in NorthCarolina?, works full time, owns a business, and likes computers. In his free time, he hacks away at his personal site learning about PhpLanguage, ApacheHttpd, and the LinuxOperatingSystem.
Wiki Related

I've built a PhpLanguage class that implements a few of the WikiPrinciples. I hope to release it as an actual WikiEngine in a few weeks.

I set up a personal Wiki at based on the 1.3.4 version of Phiki from It appears to be a bit dated, but I've hacked the templating so it looks good.
Extreme Programming

I only discovered ExtremeProgramming by reading about it on this Wiki. While not a great programmer, I am fluent in several languages. (I believe programming is a skill that once learned can be expressed in whatever language adapt it to.) The whole ProgrammerTests concept is still fuzzy to me.
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