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Is the phrase you are looking for "TragedyOfTheCommons"?

I'm not sure, but my instinct tells me it's somewhat different.

I think I know what you are talking about. I personally have watered down a few good pages because
  1. I couldn't resist the urge to "add my two cents worth",
  2. I didn't have a personal anecdote or story or first hand experience to add, so
  3. I added "yet another analysis"

Let me add yet another analysis. I think the original complaint is based on the law of the wiki jungle: the most stubbornly defended signal survives. It goes like this:
  1. Great wisdom is shared by someone of average stubbornness.
  2. A less wise but more stubborn contributor dilutes that wisdom.
  3. The source(s) of the original wisdom grow weary of defending and restoring it.
  4. The diluted wisdom remains.

This is annoying, but it isn't the most annoying aspect of wiki. Tab reliance is much more annoying. Don't expect wiki to accumulate the most wise signals. Expect it to accumulate the most stubbornly defended signals.

But you're all supposed to defend the more wise person's text. Strength in numbers. Humans are social animals.

I think there's an inverse proportion relationship between wisdom and stubbornness. The wise people tend to move on long before the stubborn people.
Rather than complain about "thread mode", fix it. Find a long discussion and extract the arguments and examples given into a more concise and readable format. I would recommend that you not replace the original, at least not at first, but merely show a better alternative they may grow to eventually replace or overshadow the threaded version.
See WikiVotingDiscussion for general conversation on the efficacy of polls and votes on Wiki.

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