Anonymous For Privacy Reasons

I don't really feel the need not to tell what I wrote, but I do like some privacy from Google and the like. So, I can't use my real name as signature, and I can't use a name I use in other places. I could make up a new name for every site I have an account or user name, but I already can't keep track of the different user names which are assigned to me and which I can't change (passwords are much easier in this respect, at least you can change them to something you can remember). (They probably invented the 'save password' feature to counter this). Furthermore, AnonymousDonor isn't appropriate because I don't wanna be anonymous to distance myself from my post.

-- AnonymousForPrivacyReasons

You may not want to distance yourself from your contribution, but you have. We don't know who you are, so we can't associate you with it. And I think your desire for privacy is also a desire to distance yourself from your activity here. -- EricHodges

AnonymousOnPurpose already has these semantics. If you want to be anonymous, DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork: don't sign your contributions at all. It is polite to use markup or [brackets] to distinguish your text from previous contributions.

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