Aonghus Oh Almhain

My name should read Aonghus Ó hAlmhain, but even WikiNames cannot be comprehensive... or is this another example of AmericanCulturalAssumption?

I've worked in embedded software since 1990, and have become passionate about better processes through being both the perpetrator and victim of HeroicProgramming and suffering from AnalysisParalysis. But I still see myself as a SoftwareEngineer rather than JustaProgrammer. I've programmed mostly in CeeLanguage and AssemblyLanguage, especially for a Motorola DSP, and mostly due to memory and timing constraints.

Looking for ideas on ProcessImprovement led me here, and I've hung around in a low key way since.

I worked for ten years in Germany for a company which is now called Bombardier, but was AEG when I first joined.

This train was one project there - motor control in CeeLanguage (with some AssemblyLanguage) on a 80C166 Microcontroller.

I also worked for, a small Irish Space related software company.

I'm a native Irish Speaker, hence WikiLaistighDeNoimead.


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