Apoorva Muralidhara

A SoftwareEngineer in NewYorkCity. (I also used to review movies for http://www.nynewcomer.net, which has ceased to exist.)

I have nine years of experience as an object-oriented software engineer. I'm currently developing applications in WebObjects. I am highly proficient in WebObjects/MacOsx/CocoaFramework/NextStep/OpenStep (see CocoaProgrammers). I love RubyLanguage. And I'm an ExtremeProgramming fanatic - at my company, I was an early adopter of practices like UnitTests, CodeUnitTestFirst, RefactorMercilessly, and PairProgramming, and was part of the eventual adoption of ExtremeProgramming as our official methodology. I'm one of the founding members of XpNewYorkCity.

For a current resume, E-mail me at apoorva_muraREMOVETHISlidhara@yahoo.com.

Have I written any haiku about TestDrivenDevelopment? As a matter of fact, I have: http://charliepoole.org/topic.php?p=xp_haiku (at the bottom of the page).

Interested in writing UnitTests for your WebObjects code? I've written the following: http://www.codefab.com/wordpress/index.php/2006/06/05/wounittest-refactor-without-fear/


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