Argumentum Ad Hitlerum

The notoriously fallacious debate tactic 'Argumentum Ad Hitlerum' is a humorous corruption of the Latin phrase, Argumentum Ad Hominem, and is a form of guilt by association, where the object of abuse is compared to Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party, or any number of peripheral parties, such as Neo-Nazis. Besides being a cheap, juvenile means of debate, it falls apart as quickly as any other form of guilt by association in rhetoric: Hitler was an ardent vegetarian; are all vegetarians therefore tantamount to Hitler? This fallacy is also known as 'Reductio Ad Nazium', from the 'Reductio Ad Absurdum' that should be well known to anyone familiar with the rigorous, axiomatic Greek method of mathematical proofs.

The principal author wrote this page because he got sick and tired of people who compared him to Adolf Hitler. -- TheerasakPhotha

NOTE: The Argumentum Ad Hitlerum is a favorite of creationists

Atheists often use the similar argument that since religions have been associated with killing in the past, all religion is assumed to be murderous.

See AdHominem, GodwinsLaw

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