As Hen

Greetings from Ashen. (here referred to as AsHen due to WikiCase requirements / CapitalizationRules)

I am an 18 year old philosophy student about to go to a academic university in the UK, however I also have a strong interest in computing, in particular software programming, that I sustain as a hobby. I program mostly in PerlLanguage, and plan to run a service of paid for shell accounts soon. I use the OpenSource Linux operating system, (SuSE of and I also write poetry.

For an explanation as to why I use the name 'Ashen' and not my 'legal name' as would conform to the WikiSocialNorms, please see my entry on the RealNamesPleaseDiscussion. 'Ashen' is NOT a NickName, it is in fact my real name, however not my legal real name.

I am at present only new on Wiki, however I join in the spirit with gusto, enjoying watching the collective trust and shared attempts of the community to increase the SignalToNoise ratio of Wiki.

Some pages I very much enjoy for no apparent reason, such as:

Might I suggest AshenWolf? instead? It indicates the name of a person instead of a nickname or a page talking about some aesopian fable about hens.


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