Assoc Cand Cpp Users

The Association of C and C++ Users

Originally the C User's Group in the UK it was re-vitalised and re-christened some years ago.

The group concentrates on the C family of languages (Java is starting to get a few column inches nowadays). It publishes a number of ISSN periodicals, the most relevant of which are CVu and Overload.

CVu covers issues mainly related to C including coding style, standards, and techniques. It is the main publication of the Association.

Overload is the publication of the C++ SIG. Its contents are split between pure C++ issues and broader coverage of ObjectOriented Analysis, Design, and Programming issues.

Although the membership is weighted in favour of professionals, it does actually include everyone from building site workers experimenting on their home PC to most (if not all) UK members of the ISO C and C++ committees.

Website at
Having mentioned Wiki in an upcoming (early 97) Overload article, I expect to see a few ACCU members headed this way soon. ---KeithDerrick
ACCU members on Wiki include

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