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If you're a regular reader of the AtsDiary, please sign your name here. This diary takes a lot of effort to keep up to date, so it would be nice to know that people are reading it. :) Thanks!

Jim, I'm really getting a kick out of reading your experiences with XP. Keep up the good work! -- DanGreen
Jim, I am getting a lot of value out of following your day-to-day accounts using XP software development. Thanks for the effort of keeping us informed. Cheers, Ian Stephenson
I missed the creation of the AtsDiary, and had not been following it at all. But having been lured there by this page, I expect to be a regular reader. Learning about your real world experiences is going to be very valuable. Thanks for the effort. -- JimRussell
Jim, keep this up. After the VcapsProject and the CthreeProjectTerminated, it's good to see the ongoing progress of another real project, rather than people just talking methodology. I hope it ends up showing us PassingMilestones? and not a PostMortem.... -- BrianEwins
Keep it up. I think this could spawn more discussion especially about PitfallsOfXpDevelopment? and hopefully solutions to them.
I've also been following the AtsDiary. -- CurtisBartley
Me too. Please keep going; it's really valuable seeing your XP experiences as they happen. Pros are great but cons + solutions are better. -- JohnCrowell?.
I'm checking this occasionally (less often than realtime) but it's very interesting to see a real project in progress. -- David Wolff
I've also been following the AtsDiary. -- JohnClonts
Please continue! You're somewhere around number 2 on my reading list, right after the DailyDilbert?. -- MarnixKlooster
We are starting an XP project. Exploration phase right now. Continue your diary! It helps a lot!
Very interesting story - keep going -- TracieKarsjens
Yes please continue. Some concrete examples of User stories and spikes might be useful. MichaelChean (See AtsUserStories and AtsSpikeSolution --JimLittle)
Thank you for doing this -- LarryPrice
Very helpful - we're considering XP and your input helps :) -- PeterLund?
Please keep going, and thanks. --AlistairCockburn, 00.03.13. p.s. email me so we can get together (1st Thurs in April, e.g.).
Thanks for showing down-in-the-dirt details of applying XP on a real project -- DavidHurt

Thank you for the time your putting in. It really brings a project to life. I hope you can keep it up. -- MiroslavNovak
Jim, thanks for keeping the diary. It is helping. -- AnonymousDonor
A great cook's tour of XP. Keep showing us those pots and pans! -- IanRae
I'm tracking this closely. Please continue if you have time. -- MatthewWilbert
Add me to the list of interested parties enjoying the party. -- AndyJewell
-- RobertEikel
Fantastic journal. Much like the record of an expedition to the South Pole, it is interesting in its own right, and also serves as guide for others. --MichaelNygard
Great stuff! -- WayneConrad
Your diary is very helpful to me in my attempt to understand XP. Thank you for the effort. -- JonStrayer
Very Useful. -- DanRawsthorne
I read it. Very cool. please continue.
Another vote for continuing to report. Very interesting.
Fascinating. -- MattBiddulph
Fabulous. There are far too few data points for actual XP projects -- this kind of documentation of an active, ongoing project provides a lot of valuable insight. -- BrettNeumeier
Wow. ThankYou. Just thankYou.
AtsDiary just answered one of my burning questions: How do you decompose stories into engineering tasks. Thank you! --WayneConrad

Its terrific to see someone learning as much as you seem to be doing: my main feeling is of jealousy! Please keep posting. --SimonSmith

This is great! I was wondering how the project was going and how ExtremeProgramming was working. This certainly helps me see where I can improve in my own projects. --DaveMitchell

Jim, this is useful to me as I embark on an XP project of my own. Steveo (

Jim, more than a year has passed since you made your last entry to the AtsDiary. Nonetheless, I have found it very informative as I consider how best to make use of XP on my projects. Thank you for taking the time to share so much information with the world. -- Eric Gundrum <>

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