Attention Please

For use as a drop page to hold temporary General Notices about what is currently happening and where - DoingStuff.DonaldNoyes.20141108
The space between the double lines is to be used as a common bulletin-board. Here leave notes passing a message along. The notes in the space will scroll off as new items are added at the count of ten or so notes - ( please add newest note at top, just below the first double lines )

Add new note here (separate from the previous top note with a horizontal line)

Thank You! -> DaveVoorhis 20141109

I intend use an old page for my own categorization effort, one which be included on page DonaldNoyesDiscussion? (an existing Page) which as a WikiGnome, I will try within a week to assign a reasonable Category. I will probably keep the list on that page short (less than 10). -- DoingStuff.DonaldNoyes.20141109

Page -> AttentionPlease has been repurposed, it formerly had an idea that was not used. Perhaps this page will be GenuinelyUseful. -- DonaldNoyes


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