Become Competent

A good manager can help you become competent by: You can make yourself competent by:
Competence comes from the mastery of Skills

Okay, I've read the page a couple of times. I can't find the word "skill" here anywhere. I always thought that competence involved mastery of skills. ... so I would say that mastery of appropriate skills leads to competence.

Or, it could be that I've misunderstood, and this page addresses competence within a limited domain, where all the skills mentioned are assumed.

Allright I agree what was said before has not been explicit. And if the rest of the community agrees then it may be time to rewrite the page.

What was said before is still useful though.

Garry I would like to add to what you have said, in that we need to describe and define "skill".

What is skill

"Skill" is the "ability" to achieve "acceptable and repeatable performance", in a discipline of value to a community. -- strawman definition

Observations: I have since looked up a dictionary on "skill" definition. It includes "knowledge" which I think is unrelated to skill. Knowledge is important but not very useful unless it can show up in an application that has value.

see also CriticalItSurvivalSkills
Rewriting this page takes "skill". In communication and RelationshipManagement. :)

See MakeOthersLookIncompetent, MakeOthersBecomeIncompetent.

Skills In Context

Definition of Skills

Skills = Knowledge (know about) + Action (know how)

                                      + Willing To Do

+ Know Why (Systems Approach)

+ Care Why (Self Motivation, Creativity)

Source: William Eggers, Manager of Engineering, McDonnell? Douglas Corporation Presentation notes from INDUSTRY 2000: A Best Practice Forum on Skills and Knowledge Assessment, 1996, Minneapolis, MN

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