Betsy Hanes Perry

I'm a software technical writer. I usually work as a MercenaryAnalyst, helping the design team capture design and implementation in text form. I am especially interested in software-process patterns.

I work for Google. Before that, I worked for Oracle, which bought PeopleSoft; RogueWave, bought by QuoVadX; Robertson, Stephens, & Company, an investment bank bought by Bank of America the week I joined them; ParcPlaceDigitalk, which bought (and later became) ObjectShare; RothWell?, Incorporated, which was bought by Perot Systems; Apollo Computer, which was bought by HewlettPackard; and Prime Computer, which bought (and later vanished into) ComputerVision?. Terrifying, isn't it?

The correct mail address for me (now not employer-dependent) is

betsyp at


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