Bezel Menu

A BezelMenu is a user-interface widget used to make operating choices by pressing buttons mounted along the side of a display. Many bank machines use this widget.

The widget was one of a few dozen objects identified for the PortableScopes division of Tektronix and documented using my WikiWikiHyperCard stack. This stack is the progenitor of both the CrcCard and WikiWikiWeb.

Here's how the stack works. The circles are buttons that search for other cards. On the right the buttons search for a card by name and (optionally) create it if necessary. The button at the top searches for references to this card. The cards are ordered, like the patterns in Alexander's PatternLanguage. The arrows move forward, backward and up to Alexanderish chapter summaries. The rest of the card is text fields and, as with every card, a drawing area. Here I've drawn a display with five black bezel buttons.

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