Big Visible Chart

Sometimes a behavior is learnable, but not yet learned.

TheCoach may create a chart that shows the status (usually over time). By putting this chart in the public area, everybody gets a reminder of where the team is on this, and visual feedback of the team's progress.

For example, many teams have a graph showing the progress of AcceptanceTests over time - how many tests passed, how many failed. Or the team may have a chart showing status for each test.

As another example, WardCunningham once created a matrix with developers listed on both axes, and asked people to put a check in the box for each person they paired with during the iteration.

When the behavior is internalized, the team will often remove the chart.

Speaking of Big Visible Chart, MartyAndrews? had a site on the topic: . Marty's current blog is at

Single Person Projects (MicroIsv-s)

Big Visible Charts aren't just beneficial to teams.

For a single person project, the priority is on:

To satisfy these purposes my BVC has:


Here's an example of a BigVisibleChart I use for a single-person project in my MicroIsv business. Read a bit about it at (image BrokenLink 2006-01-27)

-- David Brooks

(Not to be confused with BigVisibleChert. ;-)

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