Bill Krebs

During my 20 years developing software I've seen heavy failures and agile successes. Since 2000 I've been learning and practicing XP.

I work at IBM where many folks have used heavier methods. Yet our team has used XP for a year, though we rated ourselves at 72% XP. My goal is to have an unbiased set of metrics that shows if we are doing xp, and quantifies success or failure of XP. I've written two papers on this subject: "Turning the Knobs: A Coaching Pattern for XP through Agile Metrics", and, in conjunction with LaurieWilliams and LucasLayman at NorthCarolinaStateUniversity: "Toward an XP Evaluation Framework".

I may have met you at XP Universe (2001 Raleigh, 2002 Chicago, 2003 New Orleans), the TriangleXpUsersGroup, or the rtp software process improvement group (RtpSpin).
I work at IBM where you can reach me at krebsw @

hey Bill - could you perhaps add a link to your paper and any other XP-EF work with LaurieWilliams? thanks :) -- KarenSmiley

I would also be interested in seeing your work. Please post any replies here.

Just found XpEvaluationFramework, which is a good start - would still like more detail
Karen, you might try looking again at the XpEvaluationFramework page again. I've included a link there which you may find helpful. -- LucasLayman

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