Black Hat

When used in the context of being one of the SixThinkingHats, the BlackHat represents the down side, negative consequences, the worst things that could happen.

Or just used as a temporary name (local constant) to help distinguish between multiple semi-anonymous authors.

The term is more often used to describe villains, including computer crackers. Often the term is used to refer to a hacker/cracker who seeks to a) commit espionage (discover confidential information), b) commit fraud , or c) engage in vandalism (or worse).

This negative usage has nothing to do with SixThinkingHats.

See xkcd: and for details.

This has nothing to do with the SortingHat?. -- EricJablow (Does the term SortingHat? have any meaning in comp sci, or is it just a reference to the HarryPotter novels???)

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