Bob Hanmer

I am a software architect with Alcatel-Lucent in Naperville, Illinois. I've previously consulted on software and system architecture, reliability and performance. Before that I worked in the System Integrity area of a large switching project. My email is robert dot hanmer (at) .

At the start of 2013 PatternOrientedSoftwareArchitectureForDummies? was published by Wiley. It recasts the popular book PatternOrientedSoftwareArchtiecture? into the Dummies style to make it accessible to a new audience.

My first book was published by Wiley in the 4th quarter of 2007. PatternsForFaultTolerantSoftware? covers proven techniques to improve the availability and reliability of software systems through fault handling at execution time. It provides patterns that describe the intricacies of the techniques.

I've been the Program Chair for both the 1997 and 2005 PlopConference, as well as co-chair for SugarLoafPlop 2003. I am a regular shepherd for the *PLoP conferences. I'm currently the President of the HillsideGroup.

I am involved in the TelePlop activities which are capturing the patterns of Telecommunications systems. My particular areas of interest are ReliabilityPatterns? ReactiveProgramming and PerformancePatterns?.

Pattern research interests include: non-OO patterns, PatternMining, PatternLanguages and ReviewingPatterns?.

In 2002 I participated in the BeautifulSoftwareProject, an art exhibition entitled Beaut.e(Code), which was exhibited at ArtemisiaGallery? in Chicago in July, 2002.

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