Boost Test Library


The Boost Test Library is a CeePlusPlus TestingFramework. It is one of the BoostLibraries.

Question: I do not understand the feature You can just #include it; you don't have to worry about building a library and linking to it or compiling multiple independent source files. There is whole page ( about compiling. There is Boost.Build system and jamfiles, and... Finally, many *.lib files are produced. Is there a kind of cookbook to start with Boost.Test library (for MS VC++ 7.1 environment, in my case). I am a moderate user of CppUnit. Thanks -- PetrPrikryl

You can include all sources into you test module using "included" versions of Boost.Test components (though it wouldn't be my choice, after all it does not cast you much to build lib once and do not waste time during compilation every time). As for the cookbook it does not exist per se, but docs available online, including some getting started chapters.


Question: Can you do a general compare between boost test library with cppunit? The topic can relate to function, difficult for newbie and etc. Thanks in advanced.
There's a good comparison of several unit test frameworks (including boost.test and cppunit) here:
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