Borgi Verse

 Don't mess around with TheBorg
 You won't even reach the morgue
 They'll recycle your bits
 Just to give you brass tits
 And the gearbox from a Harley Hog.

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The Borgiverse, a play on Universe is the place where TheBorg (from StarTrek) live. Well, they really live in their cubes, but there are places where there are what seem to be space stations. Someone should know what I am talking about. I guess it's their version of a home world.

I bring this up only because of some WikiPages about NanoTechnology and the FutureOfHumanity?.

Is it possible to have a human BorgiVerse using Nanotech? Can we survive in space without a planet?

Yes we can, eventually. Even in the unlikely event we remain biological. Google this: Dyson Spheres

What's more likely is that computers will know better than to tell their human charges anything unless asked. So if no human asks "Am I really not on a beach? Am I really in a beach-shaped habitat inside a humongous floating habitrail floating a thousand light years from Earth's local group?" the computers will keep their mouths shut. -- PhlIp

Yep. And then you get into "Am I really not on a beach? Am I really in a beach-like simulation of reality created by TheMatrix?" :P -- GavinLambert

A> I thought of that paragraph >long< before seeing TheMatrix, and...

B> If asked, the computer will say, "Yes, you are in a beach-shaped habitat inside a humongous floating habitrail. And the problem with that would be...?" -- PhlIp

I wasn't thinking of TheMatrix in particular, just something along those lines. And what if even the computer doesn't know the answer? Perhaps right this very instant our entire known universe is just a computer simulation. And the computer simulation is itself another simulation. And even that simulation is just someone's (outside our reality) dream? And what if... (brain turns inside out) -- GavinLambert

We all know that the world is on the back of a giant turtle, who is standing on the back of a giant turtle, and it's turtles all the way down. So the simulation must be written in the LogoLanguage.

But what about the elephants? THE ELEPHANTS?!?!?

There's a pig in the attic
Does anyone care about the specifics of their physical environment that much? I mean, is a beach on a planet any worse than one in an orbital colony? I can see someone caring if they are in a (mental) simulation a la TheMatrix versus some physical reality that may or may not mimic a planetary surface, but that's got bigger implications.

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