Bottom Mind

I am BottomMind. I am a DramaticIdentity, though I don't appreciate excessive drama.

I sometimes preach bottom-up understanding of the machine, BottomUpDesign, DeepUnderstanding? of the consequences of the VonNeumannArchitecture, high levels of abstraction, and the consequences of an unmanaged memory model (PowerfulAtomics?).

I demand RootAccess to my development workstation. I will do what is necessary to get the job done, up to and including AspectOrientedTheHardWay. I think at MultipleLayersOfAbstraction? at the same time. I code in languages from AssemblyLanguage to DotNetFamily? at will. I can and will use FunctionPointers? and/or delegates. I am a ThreeStarProgrammer (or worse) as need be.

I am a SoftwareEngineer. Get used to it.

On occasion I am an electronics engineer, a firmware engineer, a mechanical engineer, a chief cook, and a bottle washer.

I do what must be done to bring a product to life. It matters not to me whether the product is strictly software running on a conventional desktop machine or within a "normal" server environment, or if the product exists as a standalone device with its own internal power, mechanical systems, sensors, and computing environment. It's a product. It must be created from the ground up. Sometimes "ground" means an application framework, and sometimes it means a pile of dirt.

I use the tools, techniques, and methodologies that I know work. I do research to find out what works in domains with which I am not familiar, and I try to bring that which has proven itself to me in the past into those domains. I am not blind to new approaches, nor do I stick with dead wood that won't work in a particular case.
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