Brain Fart

What is it?

What examples of this phenomenon have WikiCitizens observed?

What does it tell me?

It is an interrupt, and you are invited to service it in any of the usual ways. You've done something bizarre enough to notice that you aren't quite with it. This is similar to having someone tell you what state you're in. ("You look zonked, what have you been doing?" "Oh, I installed nethack last night.")

[Following on from hotel call center person above], the BrainFart is a demonstration to yourself that you were not practising "BeMindful" at the time. This in itself is normal - as far as I can make out it takes years of practice before one can BeMindful full time. The important thing for me is whether I can notice the event, figure out what might have caused it and perhaps learn something about my internal state.

Tricks to avoid them

There are some useful habits that may help reduce some types of absentmindedness. Strengthening good habits while your brain is firing on all twelve cylinders *g* will make it easier to cope gracefully when it goes phut.

Bigger picture

The hints above are, in a very small way, a crash course in MeditationTechniques. Learning more about these will surely be beneficial, but as with any other of the SelfImprovementPatterns the best way seems to be a little and often.

To regard the BrainFart as an internal "service outage" interrupt is a form of FeedbackIsControl. It won't give you control of your brain all the time but it can help.

I'm grateful to the friends who are teaching and encouraging me to meditate. Most of the specific hints in my contribution to this page have come from them. -- MatthewAstley

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