Brian Marick

I used to write for MarkSwanson and The Wild Hunt. I took the first course in Smalltalk that RalphJohnson taught at the University of Illinois. I'm a testing consultant and have also returned to take another whack at a PhD under Ralph. Thanks to RonJeffries, I find myself sometimes arguing that developers are doing too much UnitTesting. This is a big switch.

My home page is at PhD stuff at

May I say, Marick's Corner is one of my favorite test resources on the web. --AllanBaruz

Allan was probably referring to my lists of tools, consultants, and courses. I've handed those off to Danny Faught. They can still be found at

I have a third web site at It's a place where people can show explicit examples of testing techniques and the like. Programmers learn to program (and design) by looking at code, especially big systems. Testers are supposed to learn by hearing generalities and seeing them applied to toy problems. Doesn't work. Testing Craft is an attempt to dredge out more big examples, especially ones testers can collaborate on.
I am showing this page to PaulSaletzki? because MikeHewner? has been telling him about Wikis. -- BrianMarick

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