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I graduated from the UniversityOfWashington in 2003 with a degree in ComputerEngineering.

I am living in the SeattleWashington area. Currently, I work for MicroSoft.

In the past, I have had internships with WeyerHaeuser? and ProductSight. Interestingly enough, Weyerhaeuser was where I first heard a formal description of ExtremeProgramming. And Product Sight was the first place [and only place, so far] I actually participated in it.

I believe in using a variety of languages, each for a given purpose. I've been getting into the CsharpLanguage lately (see: employer). C# seems good for Win32 stuff, but the JavaLanguage is still the best for friendly portable code. Although I don't use it much in practice, I still do a little CeePlusPlus (or even CeeLanguage!) for "fun."

I happen to love the PerlLanguage. It's not for everyone, of course (WhyHatePerl). In my last job, I was known as the resident PerlHacker?. If you ever need to rename 250 files or extract comments out of a series of source files ....

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