Bruce Anderson

Bruce was a professor of computer science at University of Essex where he investigated principles of architecture and software design. He has bicycled around the world, climbed the tallest trees in America, and meditated to the fifth level of enlightenment. He asks very good questions, is a kind leader, and is a friend to ducks everywhere.

Then he worked as a Senior Managing Consultant in IBM Global Services (techie branch), where he shared, applied and developed his ideas. [ And, of course, worked in objects > components > services ]

Now he is retired, doing almost no IT, and keeping busy without being paid.

He figures prominently in the HistoryOfPatterns.

 Seeker, lighthouse on the way,
 court jester rising above the company
 on not only wit and cleverness but
 lifted by the ageless wisdom
 that weighs the heart of all jesters
 reminding all he loves
 of the folly of unbroken gravity.
He co-invented CardSwap, doesn't like GettingUpToSpeed, perhaps sees GamesAsPatterns, thinks about PatternsAndHandbooks, and believes that AbstractModelsAnswerQuestions.

He is a colleague of WayneCool, and of MartinCooke, and a fan of PhilippeKruchten and NickZienau.

He and DonOlson wrote the opinionated SomePatternsQuestionsAnswered during the learning group they led at ChiliPLoP'98.

Bruce enjoys using his ToStringQuestion in design workshops and reviews.


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