Bulldon Terrier

Amateur, beginning programmer.

Very interested in the untapped potential of the Wiki concept.

Have a weakness for creative, quality, glamour photography.

What follows is NewRecentChanges in its original, unadulterated, informative and powerful format. Why? Because I find it to be a very useful page, and I have placed it here for my personal use, and for preservation.

Thank you!

I've found RecentChanges of little use in my two intense weeks of watching wiki. Instead I have written a half dozen new tools and hacked wiki to support them. Most of these tools are way too expensive in system resources to make generally available. However, I will be constructing from them a fully automatic replacement for RecentChanges. Here is a preview: -- WardCunningham
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

http:RecentChanges?days=.00002 (1 sec)[truly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie] http:RecentChanges?days=.00018 (15 sec) http:RecentChanges?days=.00035 (30 sec)

http:RecentChanges?days=.0007 (1 min)[nearly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie] http:RecentChanges?days=.004 (5 min) http:RecentChanges?days=.007 (10 min) http:RecentChanges?days=.0105 (15 min) http:RecentChanges?days=.0209 (30 min) http:RecentChanges?days=.0313 (45 min)

http:RecentChanges?days=.0417 (1 hr) http:RecentChanges?days=.0625 (1.5 hrs) http:RecentChanges?days=.1 (2 hrs) http:RecentChanges?days=.125 (3 hrs) http:RecentChanges?days=.2 (4 hrs) http:RecentChanges?days=.25 (6 hrs) http:RecentChanges?days=.334 (8 hrs) http:RecentChanges?days=.375 (9 hrs) http:RecentChanges (12 hrs)

http:RecentChanges?days=1 (1 day) http:RecentChanges?days=2 (2 days) http:RecentChanges?days=3 (3 days)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"del" option, shows "ALL" deleted pages. (includes those missing from normal view: i.e. DoubleDeleted)

 http:RecentChanges?del?days=.00002 (1 sec)[truly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie]
 http:RecentChanges?del?days=.00018 (15 sec)
 http:RecentChanges?del?days=.00035 (30 sec)

http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0007 (1 min)[nearly hopeless RecentChangesJunkie] http:RecentChanges?del?days=.004 (5 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.007 (10 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0105 (15 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0209 (30 min) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0313 (45 min)

http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0417 (1 hr) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.0625 (1.5 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.1 (2 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.125 (3 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.2 (4 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.25 (6 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.334 (8 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del?days=.375 (9 hrs) http:RecentChanges?del? (12 hrs)

http:RecentChanges?del?days=1 (1 day) http:RecentChanges?del?days=2 (2 days) http:RecentChanges?del?days=3 (3 days)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Restoring deleted pages:

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
History diff hack:

Compare any "older page version number" to any "newer page version number" (version numbers refer to versions in http://c2.com/wiki/history).

http://c2.com/cgi/histDiff.cgi?page=[X]&old=[Y]&new=[Z] i.e.: http://c2.com/cgi/histDiff.cgi?page=NewRecentChanges&old=56&new=63
The string of numbers are the page length deltas running back a day or two. These might become icons (images) or something but for now I'm leaving them numbers because I see NewRecentChangesPatterns in them. -- WardCunningham

See RecentChangesRss for an RSS feed of this information.
The min option specifies a minimum character change that should be present within the last day or two for a page to be shown. This heuristic substitutes a single stream of changes that can be filtered for the two streams we use to support with the notion of MinorEdits.

To help clear up confusion over IP identity use: http://c2.com/cgi/posts?PageNameGoesHere Example: http://c2.com/cgi/posts?QuickChanges (Note! I highly recommend that all WikiGnomes adopt the regular habit of using this RecentPosts script to keep on top of who is who, and as a helper in general good gnoming practices. [Be sure to refresh to persuade it to show the truly latest poster IPs.])
Ward--just out of curiosity, will you be getting rid of QuickChanges, then? I switched from using RecentChanges to QuickChanges some time ago, but it looks like NewRecentChanges may subsume its functionality. -- TimLesher

I hope not! QuickChanges has its uses too.

I would like to merge the functionality eventually. -- Ward

I hope NewRecentChanges can be extended to keep contents of DeletedPages? as well. I have the distinct feeling that some people here rely on the lack of tracks in DeletedPages? to cover their insults, or other unwanted behavior. Also it would be good for NewRecentChanges to be extended to one week. One page I noticed started out as a flame, a few days later it became a normal page and the person who started the "insult game" later get to claim the "gnomed page" as his Wiki Contribution -- DavidLiu

Does anybody know, if it is possible to get the changes listed on NewRecentChanges for a given page? I would really expect a link with such functionality on the QuickDiff for a given page. -- GunnarZarncke

Yes, you can specify page=pagename, but this won't force the details to be given if they wouldn't otherwise have appeared in the full listing.

i.e. http://c2.com/cgi/RecentChanges?page=WikiWikiSandbox?days=2
(Title Search)

(Text Search)

See also NewRecentChangesDiscussion, WikiWikiSystemNotice.

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