Bullet Ofa Very Shiny Material

From AdvantagesOfExtremeProgramming:

Two alternate definitions:

  1. A BOAVSM is a bullet the wielder cannot distinguish from a SilverBullet, because it never failed to kill any lycanthrope encountered. The wielder will leave the actual metallurgical determination up to others.
  2. A BOAVSM is a process that solves problems very well. It is almost a SilverBullet. In the real world, of course, there is NoSilverBullet, but we can come close by finding good, solid practices that consistently solve significant problems.

XpIsNotaSilverBullet. But it is a BulletOfaVeryShinyMaterial.

As long as we remember that XP is not to be used in developing any of the following products:

Why not? Where has XP been shown to be unsatisfactory in these environments?

Actually, I think the book even says so.
Other bullets of similar shininess:

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