Burnt Out

You know the feeling. Been playing hero for weeks... or months... or <gasp> years! Tackled all the 'impossible' projects, and now they want you to do more (no one else is crazy enough to do it <irony>).

That's what ya get for being reliable - people rely on you !

Cindy tells me

by Brian Eno

Cindy tells me the rich girls are weeping

Cindy tells me they've given off sleeping alone

and now they're so confused by their new freedoms

and she tells me they're selling off their maisonettes

left the Hotpoints to rust in the kitchenettes

and they're saving their labor for insane reading


Some of them lose and some of them loose

But that's what they want and that's what they choose

It's a burden, such a burden

Oh what a burden to be so relied on

[instrumental verse]

[repeat chorus]

[1/2 instrumental verse]

Cindy tell me what will they do with their lives

living quietly like laborer's wives

Perhaps they'll reacquire those things they've all disposed of

Apart from being relied upon, you're always tried upon. Being 'heroic', what a sarcastic word for one who is doomed to fail in death in order to become 'hero', is not the goal. Being stone or harder still is the goal to achieve, to be sintered by total burn out. --CarstenKlein

Yet, you need to be fluid as water and hot as magma in order to overcome the burdens they lay upon you. --CarstenKlein

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