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There are several other pages that discuss and define "analysis" (WhatIsAnalysis, WhatIsAnalysisContinued and to some extent BigDesignUpFront) but it seems to me that the context of these discussions assumes that the project has already reached a stage of commitment by management and that the client "has a clue" about the business process they are supporting. In developing a methodology based on XP, we are incorporating a BusinessAnalyst role to provide the information management needs to make a committment and help the client look at alternative solutions before the development project begins. To that end we have proposed the following roles for the BusinessAnalyst:

Over the life of the project the Business Analyst will:

Conversely, the Business Analyst is not tasked with:

To clarify, the Business Analyst may use whatever design tools necessary to understand the problem domain in order to execute their responsibility of defining functional requirements for a system, but it is not important or desirable to derive the models to the detail level. The primary importance of the Business Analyst is to insure that the business processes being automated are correctly engineered and to mitigate inter and intra organizational conflicts.

I wonder how XP practitioners would view this - as being part of the XP process or as a pre-cursor?

-- RonDace
According to the TgpMethodology the BusinessAnalysts are incorporated into the development process. The BusinessProfessionals (formally called "Technical Business Analyst" TBAs) are BusinessAnalysts that take responsibilities in the development process (TgpProcess). Actually, the TGP methodology transform the BusinessAnalysts into Non Programmer Developers that take an active role in the design, configuration and testing the software. They are using the same FrameWork the programmers are using. -- OriInbar
Good description indeed.

BusinessAnalyst is the correct intermediate between users (and so they were in charge of the process change management) and the IT guys involved in a project. They are often responsible of this very difficult mapping between the world of the users (where software is somehow a strange esoteric thing to play with) and the world of IT.

For the link between the BusinessAnalyst and ProjectManagement activities, it can depend on the context. I think there are two kinds of contexts :
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