Business Value First

In ExtremeProgramming, the fundamental responsibility of Business in delivering stories to Development is to maximize business value. Recall that in the PlanningGame, stories are prioritized using BusinessValue, and rated for risk as well. This is BalancingRiskAndBusinessValue?. High-risk stories that threaten overall project success are moved forward, even over stories of higher business value but low risk of complete failure. This risk-reduction rule is called WorstThingsFirst.

TomGilb's EvolutionaryDelivery method (Evo) applies the same principle to the whole SystemsEngineering process. Tom is currently working on a new book that proposes extending the applicability of the principles to the management of entire enterprises (as already happens in a number of his clients' companies).

For related discussion see ExtremeProgrammingSystem, ExtremeProcess, PlanningGame, ExtremePlanning, BusinessValueOrientedProgramming.

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