Cant Open Wiki Db For Update

Wiki experienced CantOpenWikiDbForUpdate plague at one time.

The WikiWiki Server Can't Process Your Request

Can't open /home/httpd/cgi-bin/wiki.db for update .

 This information has been logged.
 We are sorry for any inconvenience.

This was once (August 2001 to March 2002) a problem.

Please see WikiWikiSystemNotice (and cautiously rejoice).

Let's do a quick counting vote to confirm:

"I have noticed that this is no longer a problem (since March 1, 2002)":
	[10] Agree
	[0] Somewhat agree (still happens but not as much as before)
	[0] Disagree
	[0] Don't Know

If the information really is logged, as per the message, why is a vote needed?

The logs show zero errors of this nature since the conversion a week ago. I would be interested to know if there were some other effect I hadn't anticipated. Other errors that continue to be logged are ...

See WikiLockSolutions for speculation on this problem.

I have been watching this problem from the server side and suffering with it as would any wiki author. I don't believe readers of RecentChanges create the load that locks out update. Much more likely are the many sites that spider wiki with five to ten requests per second for extended periods of time. (I could be wrong. RecentChanges does do many probes to see if its many page references are valid. But, then, QuickChanges actually does more work because it retrieves the last changed date for each page.) -- WardCunningham

Even thought RecentChanges usually has far more links than QuickChanges?

See also: MoreAboutTheDatabase, AltLeftEnterRepeat

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