Carlos Ns Rodrigues

To all Visitors: WELCOME!

To all Contributors: THANK YOU! I appreciate all contributions (especially those of VolunteerHousekeepers :D ). Please sign your contributions so I can see your WikiHomePages. -- Carlos

Hello Wiki!

Time has passed. I was a WikiExPatriot? for a bit but now I'm back. For a visit or for a long stay? Time will tell.

Though I'm a Portuguese South African, I discovered WardsWiki while living in the States. I am now in Ireland and gainfully employed at a company that has been treating me well. I'm coding mainly in my first love: CeePlusPlus but I hope to pick up some PythonLanguage on my own time. I'm also curious to try the Lisp-dialect, ArcLanguage, that PaulGraham is working on.

I run GentooLinux on my home computer and WindowsXp on my work computer (sprinkled with the many OpenSource programs that I like and have grown accustomed to using). I am currently looking forward to Enlightenment 17 (see the movie to see what I mean:

I think that I'm less of a WikiPuppy now, but I still hope to be of some benefit to WardsWiki and the WikiCommunity at large.

It's good to "re-discover" WardsWiki again.

-- Carlos

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I liked what you wrote on page OpenSourceEqualsSocialism.

Thank -- Carlos

Original Enthusiastic Post

Hello Wiki!

I think that Wiki is a great idea and tons better than UseNet. Thank you, Ward.

Within the WikiCommunity, I aspire to be a WikiCitizen with ambitions to be a WikiMaster. Are there any WikiRitesOfPassage? that I should know about? ;) Right now though, I'll work my way up from VolunteerHousekeeper and ShyContributor?.

I'm currently an unemployed software developer. :( So it goes. (This is a KurtVonnegutism, found in his SlaughterhouseFive novel) *shrug* It's one of those intermediary stages.

Right now, I live in the United States of America, but I was born and raised in the Republic of South Africa and I have a Portuguese heritage. So I'm a closet sympathizer of Wiki's E.U. ontributors, while having an acquired fondness for my American friends and hosts.

I have an adventurous and carefree spirit, so I am hoping that my skills and career will lead me all around the world. I am trying to realize this be applying for work throughout the U.S., the U.K, Australia, and in Ireland.

A partial list of my interests are OpenSource, DesignPatterns, SoftwareDevelopment, ClassicalLiterature?, and FineArt?.

I have been a *nix enthusiast for a long time, but I have only recently jumped in with both feet. (The last straw was WindowsXp -- which I feel is an insult to all NT Administrators everywhere.) I am currently whetting my teeth on MandrakeLinux and LinuxFromScratch. I am also looking for an OpenSourceProject? to which to contribute. Any one have any suggestions? The MonoProject has lately started to appeal to me.

-- Carlos

(To Elaborate: switching from Windows2000 to WindowsXP, I dis-liked the even more impoverished command-line shell in WindowsXP and the bubble pop-ups were driving me CRAZY! Add to that the "Reporting Back to Mother Microsoft" feature and the fact that I had to re-install three-times in the first month, I then revolted. From then on I used Windows2000 for gaming and Linux for everything else. What I especially like about Linux are the plethora of easily available developer tools and the range of different window-managers (desktop/explorer in WindowsSpeak?) & virtual desktops (emulated by the Multiple Desktop Power Toy). Once I finally had an operating system with abundant software and that offered me unbounded control of what was installed and what wasn't, I couldn't go back.)

Agenda as a VolunteerHousekeeper

I humbly trust everything else to experienced WikiGnomes and knowledgeable WikiAuthors.

Personal Want-To-Read-But-I-Have-Yet-To-Read List

Whee! I Refactored Something

I have removed a discussion about how the grammar rule "do not end sentences with a preposition" is out-dated. The discussion itself was interesting but it cluttered up the page. If I thought that there was more of an interest in it, I would've re-factored then re-posted it as a new WikiLink. If I get three votes to do it I will.

Vote Here: (Just sign your UserName)

Choice Quotes

(That grammar rule) is not as fashionable nowadays as it used to be. See -- JohnKugelman

Actually (as I just learned in Linguistics this week), that's a particle at the end. A preposition has to come before a noun phrase (this is definitional, not prescriptive - linguists tend to frown on prescriptive grammar anyway). Don't have my notes with me, but if you catch me tomorrow I can go over all the "constituency tests" that let us determine where the constituent boundaries are, and hence the parts of speech. -- JonathanTang (you're taking notes, right?)

THIS is what I like about Wiki. I would never have come across this information before, except by accident. -- Carlos


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