Cas Ml

CAS ML (designed to Communicate Architect and Simplify)
I am Cas (PaulCaswell). I have an individual style of modeling. I believe that there is no one right way to model. In the infinitely complex world of distributed computing, engineering and science can help us but we also need an artistic eye to find useful models. The models I create are measured by how useful they are. One use is providing structure to manage complexity, another use is to facilitate dialogue between techies, managers and business stakeholders.

UML is a way of providing unambiguous communications within the engineering community, UML has a concept of correctness. CAS ML has no sense of correctness and focuses on a balance between external communication of what is being built with internal engineering clarification of how it is to be built .

For the WabiSabi fans the models are imperfect, incomplete and impermanent. Most of the models I create are discarded after they have served their purpose. When I create a good model it is almost immediately no longer needed and can be thrown, this is a GoodThing. Often the models change daily in actual projects so do not attempt to create these models if you are not prepared to EmbraceChange.

For examples of CasML see ArchitecturePictures.

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