Categorize By Naming

A name can be a Category ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20110320
In this wiki we have Categories, so named by using the prefix "Category", as in CategoryWiki

Also under CategoryCategory, we can find by Reverse Link Search, known as BackLinks, all the pages which have this Name on them. To put it another way, if you have a wikiWord on a number of pages, you can make a list automatically by clicking on the PageTitle? of the page having the WikiWord as a name. What prevents the use of any page name as a means of Categorization?

Thus if there is a page called AdoptingXp, you can have a list prepared, automatically, via its BackLinks. Any page having the WikiWord AdoptingXp, anywhere on the page, will be included. When you cause the BackLinks to be displayed, you can then do with them what you might want, list them individually for reading, save them to you local drives, OneNote them as a page, Print them to PaperPort, Capture them in an Adobe Pdf, etc. You can also use the two search features available to prepare two more lists, one smaller and another one larger, by entering either a WikiWord, a word, or even part of a word, like "Anti".

This can serve as your own way of categorization which will not cause concern among the group of folk who are touchy about Categorizing Pages.
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