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Often, it is nice to share thoughts on problems that are specific to one's geographical location (like I18NPatterns), and I noted some German names in the visitor list...

So here it is, add it to your WikiHomePage
I hesitate to put CategoryGerman on my WikiHomePage, because I am not German. I am a German native speaker, but I'm Austrian. So I would like to rename this category to CategoryGermanSpeaker?. -- HelmutLeitner

This category should be for the region as the intro says. Do we need something like CategoryGermanSpeaking?, for subjects such as German translation for xp terminology? I think we don't need to devide those. So CategoryGerman could be for both. My suggestion: We open a new category CategoryGermanSpeaker?, for adding it on our HomePage's. -- SebastianPetzelberger
I really do not see this as a natural category. Why not just GermanSpeaker?? That can even be used as part of a sentence. -- OleAndersen

I don't know. Why CategoryHomePage and not HomePage? Why CategoryExtremeProgramming and not ExtremeProgramming?

Then it's not a category anymore. HomePage says something about homepages. CategoryHomePage is used as a ReverseIndex. That's the reason. Or did I misunderstand something? -- SebastianPetzelberger

Pages in this category should be about German issues but in English, or not? Is this WikiWiki to be written in German or in English? Personally, I think all content, even content about German Issues, should be in English! If people want a set of pages written in German, they should start there own WikiWiki. The idea is to be inclusive, not exclusive. German issues relating to the wider community should be in the language the wider community has chosen: English.

Und das nicht etwa deswegen weil ich kein deutsch kann! (And I'm saying that even though I speak German). -- RichardQuinn?

German content starts here ;-)

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