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A "weenie", in Wiki, is (or seems to be at least) a tireless advocate of a particular technology, in particular one which is not in the mainstream.

I think the proper term is zealot. Weenie means wimpy person. Maybe "weenie" captures some seldom used geek slang, but that would just make use WeenieWeenies? by pressing the terminology on everyone else, wouldn't it. [Weenie is funny - let it be. Doesn't anyone sense humor any more?]

(RelationalWeenies seem to be an exception; though OO seems to be all the rage today and that seems to have started a ParadigmPissingMatch). The weenie engages in spirited and passionate debate over the merits of their preferred technology (and it's more-dominant competition), which occasionally (and unfortunately) includes over-the-top statements which dismiss the dominant technology as meritless garbage (and practitioners of said dominant technology as luddites or morons).

Which is unfortunate, as frequently (if not usually) the weenie has a point. (Especially the subcategory of SmugWeenie?, who had to watch in horror as a technology which was markedly better than the competition at many things nonetheless got squashed in the marketplace. WorseIsBetter, etc.)

One way to spot a weenie: a problem which is not easy to model in their language/methodology is considered not worth solving.

Why is it that only cool things have Weenies? Please show me that I'm wrong. Where are the VbClassicWeenie?s and the CobolWeenie?s? (AurelianoCalvo)

FortranWeenie anyone? JohnFletcher
How about we try to isolate the base concepts or mantra of various weenies?

FunctionalWeenie: [Discussion moved to CategoryWeenieDiscussion.]

ObjectWeenie: RelationalWeenie: LogicWeenie?: GoedelWeenie?: ForthWeenie?: ''This isn't exageration, it's just plain distortion. Better: -- A ForthWeenie? ''

AplWeenie?: BsdWeenie?: CategoryWeenie: Note that "all things are" or "all things can be" is generally an exaggeration for simplication purposes. Most proponents will "learn towards" rather than actively propose that "all" be done a given way.
  1. Are SmugLispWeenies deserving of their own special mention, seeing as how they rub most all the other Wikizenry the wrong way?

See: EverythingIsa (generally the same kind of thing, but grouped differently)

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