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The end of the world is near. If we do not pay attention, humanity will be destroyed by any number of deadly catastrophe.

But don't worry, the great collective mind of wiki is hard at work finding the solution.

This page was created by CostinCozianu, in honour of the sublimely ridiculous and sublimely incompetent effort to save the world started here on wiki, Sunday the 2nd of October 2005 A.D. By two people independently nevertheless, and the fate wanted that both be aussies. One would wonder if there's some kind of flu going on down under.

Look, it's really not hard to figure these things out. GlobalWarming has presently got our neck of the woods about 10 degrees C warmer than it should be this time of year. It's October and it feels like December. The arctic circle is 20% smaller than it ought to be. Polar bears are drowning because they can't swim 400 miles to shore. The oceans are acidifying so quickly that by 2050 krill won't be able to form shells - which means a giant global dieback. Last summer the damn European forests got so warm they became a carbon source rather than a sink. 4.5 million acres of Alaska went up in flames. 1.5 million square miles of Siberian permafrost has thawed. Oh, and then there's those hurricanes.

This isn't a laughing matter. We really are staring extinction in the face. And of course it's ridiculous to propose we do something about it. The only thing more ridiculous is to propose we do nothing about it. Tea break's over, back on your heads! -- PeterMerel

Pete, come back to the states and run for president. You'll have my vote (if and when they'll grant me citizenship, that is). Or support Ward, who already has put up a program and I'm pretty sure he's a friend of the environment. -- CostinCozianu

Um, yeah, voting, that worked the last two times ... wait, no it didn't. Anyway I don't believe any pollies from any parties are in the slightest competent to deal with these problems. I ask myself who is. Well, I'm not the smartest, most competent, or most committed engineer in the whole world, and I can't speak for the rest of you zombies, but I reckon it's our problem and no one else's. But if you'd rather vote than think, go right ahead, toilets are over there. -- Pete

I'd have to agree. It appears to me that most politicians in most countries seem to be actively involved in making things worse. I'd suggest that any solutions to the current problems faced by humanity aren't going to be solved from inside the competing-nation-state model.



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