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This category links pages that talk about the Year 2000 problem, also known as the Millennium Bug, Y2K, etc. It may be a good candidate for one of the StartingPoints.

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Actual and perceived Y2K errors:

See also SangersReview? for up-to-date news on Y2K.

See also... and all the other results from

So how long do we wait before deciding we know what happened, and starting to summarize, archive, u.s.w? *8)

We won't know what happened until Feb. 30, 2000 (Common Era).

I have found recently that Y2K compliance guarantees are becoming rather easier to secure. -- AnonymousDonor


I heard that YtwokIsNineteenSeventytwo - no joke, allegedly, but I haven't checked.

Does Y2K get the prize for the biggest confidence trick ever pulled off by an entire category of professionals (by scaremongering and then billing) or are there other serious candidates? --AndrewCates :o)

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