Cee As An Intermediate Language

While CeeLanguage has long been popular as a source language (though it is losing respectability for things other than systems programming and high-performance infrastructure), it also functions well as an intermediate language--a "high level assembler", if you will.

(This also applies to C++; there is a subset of C++ that is also useful for this sort of stuff. Via static constructors/destructors, one can use C++ to provide per-module init functions that run before the program starts. Of course, if you use C++ then you lose useful AnsiCee 99 features like RestrictedPointers?, VarArgMacros, and well-defined integral types).

Reasons that this is so:

Limitations of C

Examples of using C in this fashion:

CeeMinusMinusLanguage is a language intended as a portable AssemblyLanguage that can replace CeeLanguage as a target language used by compiler writers.

Also see MicrosoftIntermediateLanguage.


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